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Locking Sealing Anti-Seize Anti welding Adjustment
Four advantages

01Personalized Customization Scheme

Customize the design scheme of special anti-loosening and leak-proof products according to customers'products.

02Cost saving

Strong anti-loosening function, repeated disassembly and use function, never relaxed adjustment and positioning function, uniform coating, stable quality, with automated assembly operations, cost savings.

Four advantages
Four advantages

03Wide scope of application

It is widely used in automobile industry, locomotive industry, bicycle industry, machinery industry, electronic 3C industry, furniture industry, toy industry, hardware industry, sports equipment industry, glasses industry, etc.

04Perfect after-sales service with Multi-direction technical support

Technical Engineer Online Free Consultation, Perfect Operational Technical Manual for easy access at any time.

Application and Solution

According to customers'requirements,we can provide them with personalized professional technical renovation scheme for screw loosening and leak prevention,so as to improve the product quality and market competitiveness of customers.

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